Kindergarten Program


2wks – 12 month or Walking Independently

Infants are on individual schedules and we cater to your child’s personal time clock.  Providing care for only three infants allows us to really get to know your baby and your family, and also allows us to structure our days around the needs of each individual baby.  We provide a warm, loving environment in which we encourage gross motor development, spatial awareness, developmental stimulation, and all the love and attention a baby needs and deserves.

As your child gets older, a scheduled routine is introduced for breakfast, lunch, snack and morning and afternoon napping.  Allowing a baby time to adapt to the routines of the toddler room ensures a smoother transition when the time comes.  An approximate schedule for older infants would look something like this:

6:30    Arrival:  Sign-in, Fill Out Daily Forms, Greet Teacher
7:00    Snack
7:30    Diapering
8:00    Playtime/Snuggle Time
9:00    Morning Nap
9:30    Diapering
10:00  Lunch
10:30   Art/ Daily Activities
12:00   Diapering

12:30   Playtime/Snuggle Time
1:300   Say Goodbye

As stated before, all times are approximate.  Diapering, feeding, and napping are all based on each child’s needs and time schedules.



1-3 Years

Free Play (6:30am-7:30am):  Children will be provided this time to make their own play choices in any center in the classroom. In addition to the centers, activities and creative projects will be put out daily to encourage developmental growth in all areas.

Snack (7:30 am- 8:00am):  Healthy and nutritious snacks will be served at this time.  Most likely.

Circle & Group Activity (8:00am- 9:30am): Music, songs, creative movement, puppets, science experiments, letter and number games, imagination stories, chants, finger plays, group games and more are all activities facilitated during Circle Time.

Outdoor Explore (9:30am-10:45am):  Numerous outside activities will be available to challenge the young learner’s gross motor skills.

Gathering (10:45am-11:15pm):  A new book will be read daily, as well as fun songs learned, in our gathering before lunch.

Lunch (11:15pm-12:00pm):  Children and teachers bring their own lunches to school and eat together daily.

Quiet Activities (12:00- 1:30pm):  A story will be read aloud each afternoon followed by an art activity, music and movement, show and tell or an age appropriate game during this last section of our day.

**Diaper and potty checks are made & documented throughout the day.